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Changelog: version 1.0.4b01

VRforCAD version 1.0.4b01 (BETA 1) is first out of 4 beta versions before a final version will be release.

On this version, the main focus was on code rework, in order to easily maintain and extend. Thus, some previous functions are temporary missing, and others new were added. Some pattern designs were applied, as MVC, factory, builder ...

At the end of this page, a very short info about some Keys' functions is presented.

The GUI suffered major changes.


Easy to manipulate individual shape added to scene.

Fullscreen function with stereoscopic mode easy to activate by pressing two keys ("f" for fullscreen, "s" for stereoscopic).

A http server is part of the collaboration module (Tomcat 7, Hibernate 3, MySQL). The old one (saving models direct in mysql database will be reworked on next beta version).

Deforming the 3D model in collaborative mode by more users in parallel will be available in version 1.0.4b04 (BETA 4).

Because the Help is not updated with the new changes, at least the keys function should be short explained.

KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE: out of fullscreen mode

KeyEvent.VK_F: fullscreen mode

KeyEvent.VK_SPACE: switch device (mouse) control from a shape to scene when "TR by mouse" was used

KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_UP: increase eyes separation in stereoscopic mode

KeyEvent.VK_PAGE_DOWN: decrease eyes separation in stereoscopic mode

KeyEvent.VK_S: Enable/Disable stereoscopic mode

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