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At this moment the VRforCAD application has applicability in four domains:

   * CAD

   * Visualization

   * Robotics

   * Medicine



- CAD: import/export CAD models, modify its surfaces, change the appearance, wireframe visualization, stereoscopic visualization (active);

VRforCAD for CAD.


- Visualization: load CAD models and VR models (x3d format) to visualization with possibility of manipulating: zoom, rotate, pam; change the lights of scene (enable/disable, change position, lights properties; there are two directional lights, an ambient light, two point lights);

VRforCAD for Visualization.


- Robotics: allow to create a workcell in virtual environment by loading and place each component, useful to find the best emplacement of the real robots;

VRforCAD for Robotics.


- Medicine: allow visualization of models obtains from computer tomograph, digitizer or 3D scanners;

VRforCAD for Medicine, a model obtains from computer thomograph in dynamic section.

VRforCAD for Medicine, a 3D model in stl format with 336678 vertices; wireframe visualization

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